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Louisiana Construction Cranes

Looking for Louisiana Construction Cranes?


When planning out your next construction project, look at CDH Rentals, for your next Louisiana construction crane rental needs. We are one of Louisiana’s top crane rental providers and are sure to have the crane rental for your company’s construction needs. CDH carries a variety of tower cranes, hydraulic cranes, boom truck cranes, and other types of cranes to achieve all of your construction project goals. CDH has some of the world’s leading brands; Tadano and Terex among many others are some of the brands we carry for your crane needs. We have been providing Louisiana construction crane rentals to the satisfied customers throughout Lafayette and the surrounding Louisiana areas for 20 years.

CDH knows how important it is to have the proper equipment at your construction site to perform the job correctly, safely and efficiently. Our cranes are inspected before every rental, scheduled maintenance is performed throughout the year and all OSHA requirements are met for all of our crane rentals. Our highly trained staff and operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). Your safety is our concern, that is why we provide customers with the highest performance standards for safe equipment operation.

We have cranes for all types of construction projects. Whether you need a crane to lift steel, concrete, bridge beams or any other heavy building materials we have all of your Louisiana construction crane needs at CDH. All of are cranes are used to lift heavy loads to extremely tall heights. Most cranes can reaching hundreds of feet in the air. No matter how heavy your materials are or how high you need to extend the crane in the air, we have a crane that will meet all of your construction needs.

Let’s take a look at some of our Louisiana construction cranes in further detail:

Tower Crane

Tower cranes are a common fixture at almost every major construction site throughout the world. These cranes are pretty hard to miss, since they rise to hundreds of feet in the air and are an important part to most construction projects. These cranes are built to lift heavy materials such as concrete, steel structures, large sand bags; large equipment such as power generators, cement mixing machines and other heavy building materials. There primary focus is to lift heavy loads efficiently and safely at your construction site.

A modern tower crane consists of three major sections:
  • The base
  • The tower mast
  • The slewing unit

If you are looking for a tower crane for your next Louisiana construction crane, please contact us at CDH and we will find the perfect crane to fit your next construction project.

Boom Truck Crane

A boom truck crane is a light weight crane that is used at many construction sites to transport materials around and to and from job sites. These cranes usually have a flat bed to carry large loads of materials. These cranes are normally 2-3 axles and come in different variations and sizes. They range from 60 ft booms having a 14 ton capacity or a 40 ton boom truck with 142 feet of (boom) stick, with a lifting capacity of say from 40 ton to 14 ton to 7 ton. If you need a boom truck crane for your next construction project, CDH has one among our Louisiana construction cranes that will fit all your construction project needs.

Hydraulic Truck Crane

A hydraulic crane is a heavy-duty crane used for lifting and hoisting heavy items at a construction site. Unlike smaller cranes, hydraulic cranes include an internal hydraulic system that allows the crane to lift heavier loads. Modern hydraulic cranes were designed to lift immensely heavy objects at ease. In a matter of minutes, these machines are capable of lifting multi-ton beams on highways, steel, houses and heavy equipment in factories. These are ideal to have at construction sites, since they can lift just about any item with relative ease quickly and efficiently.

Here are the basic parts of every hydraulic truck crane:
  • Boom
  • Jib
  • Rotex gear
  • Outriggers
  • Counterweights
  • Reinforced-steel cable
  • Hook

Let us be your next provider for your Louisiana construction cranes

At CDH, we aim to provide you with the highest level of service, quality, and workmanship available for your Louisiana construction crane rental needs. Contact us for a free estimate on all your crane rental and construction needs.

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