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03A57300CDH Rentals, LLC is Louisiana Crane Company locally owned and operated near Lafayette, Louisiana. For the past 20 years, CDH Rentals has been offering Louisiana the very best crane rental services. When working with CDH Rentals, you will be working with a first-rate crew of NCCCO certified crane operators that provide high-quality, reliable and friendly crane rental services.

Lousiana Crane Company Services

Our crew at CDH Rentals has worked with companies in numerous different industries. From assisting on oilfields, to plant maintenance and movie production assistance. With our expertly-trained crane operating staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we promise your project will be completed with superior quality and commitment.

CDH supplies high-quality project management on equipment and manpower planning requirements the smallest to the largest projects:

  • At CDH Rentals, we are not a typical Louisiana Crane Company. We are a full-service provider of high-quality crane equipment, NCCCO certified crane operators, expert project management, as well as estimating & equipment maintenance services.
  • On staff at CDH Rentals we have a team of crane rental consultants that evaluate the needs of your project to save costs that insure optimal productivity and efficiency.
  • We offer many types of certified cranes and equipment, including hydraulic cranes, boom trucks and other specialty products like man baskets, spreader bars and matting. Each category of cranes has various sizes and capabilities so you are getting the best application for your product.

CDH, a Louisiana Crane Company, prides ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service.

  • Our first priority is to support our customers. We project cost-control efforts while maintaining the highest-quality of safety and maintenance levels.
  • We provide excellent service and the best equipment in the industry that helps establish lasting partnerships with businesses.

What gives CDH Rentals an advantage over other Louisiana Crane Companies?

There are two important things that separate us from our competitors, that we value as being very important:

1. Quality of our employees – Each crane operator on staff is NCCCO certified. With NCCCO certification, our Louisiana staff aims to provide exceptional lifting equipment safety and reduce job site risk.

2. Safety before price – Our project managers will work with your company to review every aspect of the job to ensure jobsite safety. Safety is our number one priority!

safetyAt CDH, we always conduct ourselves as professionals and will always treat our customers with the upmost respect. CDH Rentals is committed to providing the best rental cranes and crane services to our clients and that is why we insist on properly maintaining our cranes and trucks. At CDH, our equipment is maintained by a team of dedicated employees who are trained in maintenance and repair of our heavy-lifting equipment. They go through thorough inspection to guarantee you are working with the best equipment for the job.

Secondly, from job-sizing to service and product price quotes to billing; we will always look out for our customers and provide them with the best option for their project. Our Louisiana customers can always rely on us. We are a company that understands each client has different needs and, because of this, our trained crane consultants will inspect the job site to insure that you are on schedule and have all the equipment necessary for job completion.

Interested in working with CDH? Contact us today to talk about your crane rental project and we’ll put together a quote that best suites your needs!

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